3D Shapes

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    Wire diagrams of 29 different polyhedra to rotate and explore
  2. Polyhedra Activity - Math Forum

    Polyhedra Activity - Math Forum
    Explore the 5 regular polyhedra yr 6
  3. Polyhydra - NGFL Cymru

    Polyhydra - NGFL Cymru
    Investigate faces, edges and vertices of polyhedra
  4. Polyhedron Generator - Maths Museum

    Polyhedron Generator - Maths Museum
    Create polyedra, rotates them, then stellates, truncates, expands etc . Incredible number of variations
  5. Polyhedron Test - Maths Museum

    Polyhedron Test - Maths Museum
    7 polyhedra displayed as solids or wires. Answer questions about properties - number of sides, faces, vertices; its name.
  6. Matching Pairs 3D shape game - Crick

    Matching Pairs 3D shape game - Crick
    Pelmanism with 3d shapes - more a memory game than maths!! KS2
  7. Shifting Shapes - ICT Games

    Shifting Shapes - ICT Games
    Recognise the 3d solid - Yr2
  8. 3D Shapes - David Hellam

    3D Shapes - David Hellam
    Match the regular 3D solids with their names in this pelmanism game
  9. 3d Boxes - David Hellam

    3d Boxes - David Hellam
    How many cubes needed to make the 3D solid? Visualize.
  10. Buried 3D Shapes - Simon Evans

    Buried 3D Shapes - Simon Evans
    Weird and beautiful landscapes with 3D shapes to match to named geometric models.
  11. Interactive Geometry - 3D - Maths Net

    Interactive Geometry - 3D - Maths Net
    Use cubes to construct 3d structures from plan and two elevations. Print out but no check for correct.

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